Chaskify | Simple & Efficient Fleet Management Software
Chaskify's simple and efficient fleet management system gets you in the know in real time. Stop guessing where your employees are and answering angry customer calls wondering where their order is. Manage your employees easier and give your customers peace of mind. Learn how today!
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Chaskify’s simple, flexible, and powerful logistics platform makes managing deliveries a breeze. Lean your operations and grow your business with Chaskify.

Unify Your Operations

Get in the know with ALL of your operations at the same time. Our dashboard interface allows you to monitor the entire process from the moment an order is entered – to dispatch – through delivery via a easy-to-use and understand platform. Know and manage your entire workforce in the same place.

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Communicate Seamlessly

Delivery changes happen in an instant, and often at the same time. No need for phone calls. Easily update drivers on changes to routes and deliveries via instant notifications. Stay aware of your driver’s status every step of a route, from acceptance of a task through final completion.

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Respect Your Customers

Time is valuable, transparency is a virtue. Love your customers by respecting their time and give them service transparency. Send a real-time email to your customers when their driver is in route for their delivery or service call. No more angry customers calling and demanding to know where the driver is or when they’re going to arrive.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Knowledge is power. Data-driven decisions enable you to stay ahead of the curve – and prevent issues before they occur. Monitor your workforce’s performance with built in analytics that help you understand how best to accommodate your customers changing needs.

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Take customer satisfaction to the next level with cost-efficient robust features including real-time delivery tracking, seamless communication and built-in analytics.

Chaskify was born to deliver.

Real Time Tracking

An interactive map based interface lets you streamline your entire process from allocation to dispatch through scheduling and tracking a delivery. It enables you locate your workforce in real time to better manage your deliveries, drivers, and customers.

Delivery Updates

Proof is in the pudding. Monitor your workforce’s performance, receive instant notifications when tasks are completed. Enhance customer experience with real-time delivery updates – sent directly to their phone.

Confirm Delivery

Have peace of mind by confirming every task completion with a customer signature and/or a picture of the delivered package sent in real time.

Route Optimization

No need for another service. With one click send your driver on the correct path from their location to multiple delivery points. Know exactly what route is most efficient.

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