Chaskify | Making House Calls
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Making House Calls

Making House Calls

When it comes to scheduling and tracking vehicles on the road, Chaskify is a simple, fast and easy fleet management software for companies managing teams of drivers.

Now, Chaskify’s logistic management software is poised to transform how companies deliver their services, possibly eliminating the four-hour service window for good.

Plumbers, landscapers, cleaning professionals, home-healthcare aides – just to name a few – have been testing the Chaskify software to manage services delivered to their end users. Chaskify’s desktop tool and driver app allow businesses to more efficiently schedule calls for home repairs and other services.

“Our clients now have the ability to accurately give out arrival times to their customers so they no longer have to wait for hours for service,” says Chaskify co-founder Dmitry Byk. “Customers can see their service professional on the road, watching their progress, street by street like they would an Uber driver.”

With improved service times comes more transparency. Customers can hold companies accountable for lapses, delays and no-shows.

“We’re helping companies raise the bar on the quality of their service and improving their efficiency,” Byk says.

Soon, Chaskify will give their clients an “up” on the competition. Near completion is an online booking system where companies can have their customers schedule service calls directly, down to the day and time of their choice, even while sitting in traffic.

Chaskify’s booking system, now being tested, provides companies with their own website and web address so they can start booking customers as soon as they sign up

“People want service quickly, and different industries are being able to deliver on that promise. Retailers can now manage next-day and even same-day delivery because of improved logistics, tracking and management,” Byk says. “That same level of service will soon be a must in other industries.

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