Chaskify | Low Prices, White Labeled, Booking System
Low priced logistics software for small to medium sized businesses. On boarding service that lets us to the hard data entry work. White label service meets your logo and colors specifications perfectly. Booking or eCommerce system is ready for you to sell to your customers.
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  • Unlimited Tasks

    Unlimited Drivers
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  • $50 monthly
  • for 300 tasks
  • $0.12/task over 300

  • Entering data is a pain!

    Let us do it for you.

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  • Request a quote


  • Your logo, your colors

    Web & mobile apps.

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  • Request a quote

  • Your white labeled ecommerce site.
    Linked to Chaskify Fleet Management
    Give your customers
    a place to order.

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Data entry & training is a pain…. Let Chaskify help!

We will enter all your drivers, clients, & info into the system

Chaskify will train your staff on both desktop and mobile apps.

Software upgrades are always free

 Questions about pricing

What is a task?

A task is a core job that your driver needs to complete. For example, a pick up, delivery, or service call.

Is there a free trial?

Yes there is. You can sign up to try Chaskify’s Fleet Management System for 14 days free.

What if I need a custom solution?

Chaskify can provide a custom solution for any business. If your business needs something that you cannot find on our website contact us at and we will give you a quote for a custom solution.

How Do I Pay For Chaskify?

After your 14 day trial your credit card will automatically be billed $50. This charge is for the first 300 tasks in the system. If you use more than 300 tasks in a month you will be charged $50 + $0.12 per task over 300.

For a more detailed explanation and examples click here.

Want to see Chaskify in action first? Sign up for a free demo.