Chaskify | Startups, Chicken Wings & A Dose of Reality
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Startups, Chicken Wings & A Dose of Reality

Startups, Chicken Wings & A Dose of Reality

Today, Chaskify is an up-and-coming, innovative on-demand, cloud-based delivery management platform.

A year ago, the Hollywood-based startup was just two guys planning an app and working out the kinks in their tech. There were lots of meetings and way more plates of chicken wings than they would like to admit.

“Somehow eating chicken wings fueled our creativity,” says Dmitry Byk, co-founder of Chaskfiy. ”It’s still our favorite spot to review next steps. Secretly, we hope we can get their business.”

In early 2016, Byk, a well-respected psychiatrist, and tech enthusiast teamed up with Ariel Morales, a software engineer and recent émigré from Cuba. The two spent months planning Chaskify, named after the incredibly fast, agile and physically fit messengers of the Inca Empire, over Skype and late-nights at a Buffalo Wild Wings in Pembroke Pines.

Here’s the Buffalo Chicken Wings in Pembroke Pines, Fla. It definitely works for us.










Even though the company now boasts more than 50 customers throughout the U.S. and has logged hundreds of thousands of tasks and orders, Byk and Morales still head to Buffalo Wild Wings to plan the Chaskify’s company’s future.

The business partners discuss tweaks in the technology, better analytics, improved driver tracking and a new platform they plan to unveil before ringing in 2018.

“Consumers have become accustomed to on-demand delivery. They want it now, and companies are rushing to figure how to deliver their products not just within three to five business days, but within hours,” Byk says. “We’re poised to make that happen, giving even the small mom-and-pop pizza restaurant the ability to compete with much bigger companies.”

Morales and Byk studied the competition and the industry, looking at how even more traditional delivery companies managed logistics. They attended Home Delivery World in March, one of the largest trade conferences for the retail logistics industry (a.k.a. delivery) in the country. Chaskify’s founder discovered their competition stretched well beyond the four or five last-mile delivery companies.

“It taught us what level we need to be at to compete,” Byk said. “It wasn’t just the big four that were our competitors but more like 30 different companies that do what we do.”

The duo returned home to shore up their app and their approach. By the time they attended Collision, one of the largest tech conferences, they were ready to meet investors.

“We went because we needed exposure. We met potential clients and learned a lot from more experienced companies about what they did to grow their business,” Byk said.

Byk and Morales spent much of their first year in business refining their tech to meet the needs of their growing customer base. While competitors charge for changes, Chaskify makes updates on the fly without a fee.

“We’re better tuned to the needs of our customers than our competition,” Byk says. “Their drive for perfection is helping us fine tune our product. It’s a process that will take our technology well beyond the competition.”


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